Secours Catholique reminds the Church that the service of Charity is the incarnate expression of faith, by reaching out to people in difficulty, to enable them to regain all their human dignity. People support them to find solutions.

In Fontenay-le-Comte , a mini solidarity shop with clothes and food is open for people in precarious situations.
Secours Catholique en Vendée is linked to CARITAS INTERNATIONALE.
Manager: Gilbert DEPERCIN - 09 64 22 86 58

On April 9, 2013, the local team was reinforced by two members, and Gilbert DEPERCIN (on the left in the photo) received from the hands of the diocesan president Jean Marie POGU his mission letter for the official recognition of Gilbert DEPERCIN as local team leader.

“You are a small team,” says Jean-Marie POGU, “you have no responsibility for actions like the clothing area or the solidarity grocery store, but you have your heart and your energy to serve people in difficulty. Secours Catholique wants its members to be welcoming men and women, who accept to give time with joy, who consider all those who call on us. This is your wealth ”.

Then addressing Gilbert DEPERCIN, the President of Secours Catholique said:

"I give you the mandate to manage this team and provide this service for 3 years, renewable twice".

He then detailed the content of this responsibility: leading the team, taking care of the training of members, creating links with partners (social services, municipalities, associations, etc.), acting in conjunction with the parish, act in fidelity with the orientations of Secours Catholique…
The existence of this team was wanted by the Parish Council. It is in the mission of evangelization which returns to the Parish, the sign that the service of Charity is taken into account… Fidelity to the Gospel is lived when “the Good News is announced to the poor”. This team also has the role of remembering that each Christian cannot affirm his love for God without giving his brotherly love to the brothers and sisters who are suffering.
The team's mission is to "Live the Encounter" and in some cases, to provide for "Emergency Aids"

Welcoming a child for the holidays.
The family holiday home (AFV) set up by Secours Catholique offers children and families the opportunity to share their holidays together.
Becoming a holiday family means giving a child the opportunity to access a privileged time of relaxation, leisure and exchanges, it is allowing a family to enrich themselves by meeting, welcoming and sharing with a child. However, the activity requires strict supervision in order to instill the confidence of all stakeholders.
If a family wishes to welcome a child during the holidays, they can make a request to Gilbert DEPERCIN, tel 09 64 22 86 58 or Abbé Limousin tel 02 51 00 14 22.

LISTENING TO THE POOREST: “No one is too poor to have nothing to give”.

In France 2 million children live below the poverty line. Secours Catholique is in contact with more than 600,000 children every year, through its activities.
The family remains the first place of social life and social bond. Living with the family is one of the keys to integration. Welcoming and supporting families play a very important role in the action of the teams.
To enable them to go on vacation, Secours Catholique has for many years been working to combat this form of exclusion through various vacation proposals, including the Family Vacation Home.
The Accueil Familial de Vacances offers children 3 weeks of vacation with a family, in July or August, It is a supportive commitment that is called upon to be extended over time, as far as possible: bonds are created between the child, his family and the Holiday Family, who can invite him back in the following summers.
This action falls within the legal framework of the regulations of the Directorate of Social Cohesion (formerly “Youth and Sports”).