The existence of suffering is one of the great questions posed to the conscience of men: it is sometimes perceived as a scandal. Illness is one form of suffering. She reminds us that mortality is a dimension of human life.

Jesus Christ came to share our human condition. He met the sick to tell them that they were loved by God. He refused to let them be sidelined. Through him, we know that the sick person is never abandoned by God. “I came not for the righteous and the healthy, but for the sick and sinners. "

The Church's mission is to recall this love of God for the sick, all those who suffer. The sacrament of the anointing of the sick is the sign that Christ continues today to offer his tenderness, to give the strength of the Spirit ...

The Evangelical Service for the Sick (SEM) invites you to live this sacrament during a Eucharistic celebration. It will be for you a strength and a comfort ... It will also be the witness of faith of the Christian community. She is like the men who carry the paralytic at the feet of Jesus. (Mark 2, 1-12)

A parish team is attentive to the sick and the elderly. On behalf of the Christian community, someone from the team visits them at home or in the retirement home. If a sick or elderly person wishes a visit, make himself known to the priests, to the deacon.

Contact: Mrs Marie France BONNAUD - 02 51 52 82 33

Mrs Jacqueline ANONIER - 02 51 00 12 19

A SACRAMENT (1) is intended for sick or elderly people:

The anointing of the sick

Do not hesitate to make a request to the priest

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Who can receive the sacrament of the sick.

  • It is not simply intended for those who are at the end of their life. Anyone with a serious illness ... Anyone who has to go through a major surgery ... The patient needs the strength of God to get through this ordeal.

  • People who are very old and who feel their physical strengths weakening ... It can also be on the occasion of entering a retirement home ...

  • Psychologically very fragile people can ask for it.

This sacrament can be received several times ... for example when the situation of the sick or the elderly deteriorates significantly.

Receiving this sacrament is a process of faith.

  • The Christian by living this sacrament makes an act of faith (2) in the love of God ... In this sacrament, he is touched by the grace of the Lord and thus he becomes inhabited by the peace of God. He will then be able to testify to his loved ones, around him, of this love from which he has benefited.

  • Through this sacrament, the sick, the elderly unite with the suffering Christ. As the apostle Paul says: “In my person, I thus complete what is still lacking in the sufferings of Christ for his Body which is the Church. "Col 1, 24

  • The Christian community by celebrating this sacrament with the sick and the elderly testifies that they are part of the community. “If one part of the body suffers, all the others suffer with them. "1 Cor 12.26

Who do you contact?

  • You can tell the person in Evangelical Sick Service who gave you this sheet.

  • Marie-France BONNAUD - Tel 02 51 82 82 33

  • Jacqueline ANONIER - Tel 02 51 00 12 19

  • You can also tell Father Henri GAUTRON at the Hermenault presbytery. (Tel 02 51 00 14 22)

(2) Act of Faith (Don't let go Lord)

Don't let go, Lord!

Lord, God of tenderness

You, of whom I dare to speak less and less,

You that I feel more and more

Beyond all that i heard about you

You that no thought and no word can contain,

You who are the dawn, the twilight and the end of my life,

Hear my prayer ....

If doubt assails me, enlighten me, Lord

If the approach of death distresses me, soothe me, Lord

If sickness takes a toll on my body, strengthen me, Lord

If loneliness grieves my heart, visit me, Lord.

Whether death suddenly surprises me or slowly approaches me,

Don't let go of my hand, Lord.

Accept the offering of the years that remain to me to live,

Turn them into the last song of love and humble prayer.

And that until my last breath

The luminous hope of the Resurrection

Light up this poor heart that You created for your eternity, Lord.

Michel Hubaut.