Prayer to love the Church
Author: Jean Sauvenay


We pray to you, Lord, for your Church,
and for each of us who make up this Church.

Help us to love her as she is,
in its greatness and its weaknesses.
Help us to recognize his unity
in the thousand faces of your people.
Help us to overcome divisions,
to avoid hasty judgments
and to ban cartoons.
Help us to discover, beyond appearances,
the immense network of hidden holies,
which are the living stones of the Church.

Help us not to build it
like a scheduled site,
but to let it grow and grow
under the sun of an unpredictable God.
May your Church find again
the freshness and strength it needs
to share the gospel today.
That by strengthening the bonds of unity
between bishops, priests and laity,
it also strengthens Hope.

May she appear in the eyes of all
like an open door and a source of life.
That it is always more
the Church of the Poor and Saints.
We ask you through Mary, mother of the Church