Here I am Lord,

with Advent colors

Between hands.

Outstretched hand color,

to smile, to listen attentively,

kind words,

of forgiveness offered,

colors, colors ...

The colors that I was looking to offer

started dancing.

And then I understood,

that the color of the friendship that I had given

put colors of beauty in my heart;

that the color of forgiveness granted

colored my heart with peace;

that the work that I had accomplished

in such a good mood,

had brushed my mind

colors of pride and true joy;

than the color of the few

spoken prayer words,

had put tones of light

deep inside me.

Colors given, colors accepted.

See, Lord, all these colors

that I received

by simply wanting

offer a few!

I know these beautiful colors

come from you

and become like fruit

ripened by Love.

Danielle Sciaky