Prayer to the Virgin Mary *

Virgin and Mother Mary,
you who, moved by the Spirit,
welcomed the Word of life
in the depth of your humble faith,
totally abandoned to the Lord,
help us to say our “yes”
in a hurry, more urgent than ever,
to resound the Good News of Jesus.

You, filled with the presence of Christ,
you brought joy to John the Baptist,
making him exult in his mother's womb.
You, trembling with joy,
you sang the wonders of the Lord.
You, who remained steadfast near the Cross
with unwavering faith
and received the joyous consolation of the resurrection,
you gathered the disciples in expectation of the Spirit
so that the evangelizing Church may be born.

Get us now a new resurrected ardor
to bring the Gospel of life to everyone
who triumphs over death.
Give us the holy daring to seek new paths
so that everyone
the gift of beauty that does not tarnish.

POPE FRANCIS in the Joy of the Gospel