Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear brothers and sisters,

We prayed this Sunday for people who are victims of child sexual abuse. Next Tuesday, October 5, Mr. Jean-Marc Sauvé, president of CIASE, the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church, will publicly submit to the bishops of France and the superiors of religious congregations the report that the Church to him. ordered, 3 years ago.

A few words about the genesis of this report:

• In August 2018, Pope Francis challenged the People of God about the sexual abuse of minors committed in the Church.

• During their plenary assembly in November 2018 in Lourdes, the bishops of France decided to create an independent commission on the sexual abuse of minors committed in France by priests. The Conference of Religious of France immediately joined in this process.

• On November 13, 2018, Jean-Marc Sauvé, honorary vice-president of the Council of State, agreed to constitute and chair this commission.

The mission of this commission was:

• Establish the facts about these terrible cases of pedophilia within the Church, since 1950, over a period of 70 years.

• understand why and how these tragedies could have taken place and were dealt with.

• to examine the action of the Church to fight against pedophilia and to make recommendations.

For their part, the bishops listened to the victims and took a whole series of additional decisions last March which they presented to all the faithful in a letter to the Catholics of France. We are committed to implementing these new measures to make the Church a safer home.

Next Tuesday, the publication of the CIASE report will be a test of truth and a harsh and serious moment. We will receive and study these conclusions to adapt our actions. I will keep you informed because this fight against pedophilia concerns us all. It is in an attitude of truth and compassion that I invite each of you to receive the content of this report. But above all, our thoughts, support, and prayers will continue to reach out to all who have been abused in the Church.

May the Lord of justice and mercy lead us on the path of new life.

Bishop François JACOLIN