“Bringing communion to a sick person is a gesture of faith and a fraternal step by the Eucharistic community towards its absent members”. Moreover, the first purpose of the Eucharistic reserve is to allow the sick to be able to commune.
Being the bearer of communion is a service! Baptized aware of forming together the People of God, we know that we are intimately called in the Church, to live the service of messengers of the Good News of the Risen One and bearers of the Bread of Life.
Whoever is invited to carry communion realizes that he is also an actor in a meeting. He offers people who are isolated or who cannot come to the Sunday Eucharist to enter into communion with the Lord and their brothers and sisters in the faith.
Bearers of the Body of Christ to our sick brothers and sisters, we allow them to unite in the Eucharistic celebration of the Christian community. It is of course desirable that we ourselves take part in this Eucharist.
I want to take Communion to a sick person or an elderly person, what should I do?

It is desirable to have a custode to put the host (if you do not have one, ask for one at the presbytery of L'Hermenault or Nalliers.

Come to mass, put the custode on the altar. The celebrant will put one or more hosts there according to your request ... take it back at the end of the mass.

Go immediately to take Communion to the person who asked for it. A leaflet is at your disposal for the time of prayer with the person. Just ask the presbytery.

Do not hesitate to come and see me to talk about this service, if someone in your family or those around you wishes to receive Communion on Sunday.
It is important that the elderly or the sick can have the possibility of receiving communion; it is a sign of the charity lived within our communities.

Abbot Henri GAUTRON

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