The 2019 Easter Vigil took place in NALLIERS under the eye of Christ in Majesty in the stained glass window of the master Louis Mazetier. Here are some photos of the highlights of this celebration

On Sunday July 07, in the church of Saint Cyr des Gats, in the presence of many parishioners and families, a celebration of the Eucharist took place to give thanks for the 50 years of priesthood of Alphonse LIMOUSIN, and of Mary Jo SEILLER, as well as the 50 years of marriage between Daniel (deacon) and Claudette BARRADEAU.

September 29, 2019, feast of the parish, and mass animated by Dominique and Christophe Morandeau. On this occasion, the senior priest and vicar espiscopal François Bidaud installs Father Henri Gautron as pastor of the parish of Saint Martin-en-Plaine, replacing Father Alphonse Limousin. During this Mass, Anne Flore was baptized by Father Alphonse Limousin and confirmed by Father François Bidaud.

At the end of the celebration, after a few words from Alphonse, a moment of emotion by the delivery of a collection of photos signed by the parishioners and retracing the nine years of Father Alphonse Limousin in the service of the parish.

After the glass of friendship, and the meal, Dominique and Christophe animated the afternoon by singing songs chosen from their repertoire. At the intermission draw of the bouriche.

At the end of the show, Alphonse wishes one last time all his best wishes to Henri to keep the parish alive.

Le 26 septembre 2021, fête de la paroisse, et messe animée par Patrick Richard. Elle s'est déroulée en plein air au château du COUDRAY à Marsais Saite Radegonde

Relics of Saint Bernadette belong to the Sanctuary of Lourdes. ... The reliquaries – the large one weighing 62 kg and a smaller, mobile one – contain fragments of skin from Bernadette Soubirous, taken during her exhumation on April 18, 1925, i.e. 46 years after her death at the age of 35 April 8, 2021. The relics were passing through our parish in the church of NALLIERS on February 14

Le 28 août 2022, la dernière fête de la paroisse Saint Martin-en-Plaine s'est déroulée dans la salle des fêtes de Mouzeuil Saint Martin