Happy holidays to those taking holidays and have a nice summer everyone!

Henri Gautron, parish priest



03-10-17-24/07: to cover parish fees

31/07: for solidarity between the parishes of the diocese of Luçon



- July 3: Nalliers - July 10: Mouzeuil / Le Langon

Liturgical teams will resume their back-to-school preparation service in September.



Father Henri GAUTRON will be absent from July 3 to July 13 (Spiritual retreat at Bellefontaine and leave) and from July 25 to

August 2 (holiday).

During these absences, the Sunday masses of July 10 and July 31 will be provided normally by Father Christian BELAUD and masses on weekdays removed. On Friday at the EHPAD, there will be a time of prayer.

In case of burial, you can call 07 57 06 29 64 (Mobile phone for graves.)


Save the date for SUNDAY AUGUST 28.


That Sunday there will be a parish gathering at the Salle du Vignaud in Mouzeuil St Martin.

This will be the last gathering of the parish of St Martin en Plaine, since from September the community of Nalliers will join the parish of Luçon and the other part of the parish will join the new parish of Sainte Claire de Fontenay.

Also on Sunday August 28, in this last gathering of the parish of St Martin en Plaine, we will celebrate a mass of thanksgiving and say goodbye to the priest and the community of Nalliers.


Planned procedure

10:00 a.m.: welcome at the Vignaud room

10:30 a.m.: thanksgiving mass

12:00 p.m.: aperitif offered by the parish

followed by the picnic taken from the basket

Afternoon: entertainment

4:00 p.m.: Brioche and goodbye


That same day – August 28, Carl BASSOMPIERE, the new parish priest of Sainte Claire de Fontenay will be welcomed at Notre Dame de Fontenay church.

Also remember the date of October 2 for the feast of the new parish of Sainte Claire de Fontenay. Details will be given to you later.