“Month of May, month of Mary, the most beautiful month! »

Let us turn to Our Lady in this troubled time.

May it accompany us and guide us on the path of life.

Henri Gautron, parish priest



May 1: for the diocesan retirement home for the priests of Landreau (Les Herbiers)

May 8 - May 15 - May 22 - May 26 (Ascension Day): to cover parish fees

May 29: for the means of social communication of the diocese



- May 8: L'Hermenault - May 15: Bourneau-Marsais - May 22: St Laurent/St Cyr

- May 26: Nalliers (Ascension) - May 29: Mouzeuil/Le Langon - June 5: Pouillé-Petosse (Pentecost)

- June 13: Hermenault



Possibility of meeting one day in the week to recite a rosary in the different churches. Each community organizes itself.


CHOIR REHEARSAL  : Monday May 23 at 8 p.m. at the parish hall of Hermenault



Sunday 1st May 10.30am at St Martin des Fontaines - Sunday 29th May 10.30am at Mouzeuil-St-Martin


ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Sunday, May 15 during mass at St Cyr des Gâts, anointing of the sick. There is still time to register to receive the Sacrament of the Sick that day.


ASCENSION FESTIVAL  : Thursday May 26 at 10:30 a.m. at the Langon

The Eve: Wednesday May 25 at 6:30 p.m. in St Laurent de la Salle


1ST COMMUNION : Sunday, May 29  at 10:30 a.m. in St Cyr. At the same time 10:30 a.m., liturgy of the Word in Mouzeuil-St-Martin



May 1st at Langon

  • Amélia RAPHEL daughter of Alex RAPHEL and Victoria BOUCHEAU (Mouzeuil-St-Martin)

  • Owen RAPHEL son of Alex RAPHEL and Victoria BOUCHEAU (Mouzeuil-St-Martin)

Sunday May 8, 11:30 a.m. in Nalliers

  • Maxence PASQUEREAU, son of David PASQUEREAU and Charlène CHAIGNEAU (Nalliers)

  • Malo THIBURCE, son of Jonathan THIBURCE and Valentine BAUDOIN (Marsais-Ste-Radegonde)

Sunday, May 15, 11:30 a.m. in Petosse

  • Léo GUILLEMET, son of Mikael GUILLEMET and Jessica LAVILLE (Petosse)

Sunday May 22 in Bourneau

  • Lena DOUX, daughter of Clément DOUX and Marion BOIDE (Bourneau)

Sunday May 29 at 10:30 a.m. in St Cyr (during the 1st Communion)

  • Marceau GUIBERT, son of Matthieu GUIBERT and Pauline GUIBERT (L'Hermenault)



Saturday May 7 in St Valérien: Frédéric SASSU and Annie LAFA

Saturday May 21 in Petosse: Alexandre DIEUMEGARD and Andréa WALLEZ



03/24/22: Régine BODIN, born PEPIN, 90 years old in St Valérien 04/13/22: Jean RENOU, 84 years old in St Valérien

03/25/22: Théophile PAIN, 90 years old (Pouillé) in St Valérien 04/14/22: Serge DUBE, 80 years old in St Cyr des Gâts

03/29/22: Maryse BOUHIER, born BODIN, 76 years old in Nalliers 04/14/22: Renée DELVAL, born LANGLAIS, 96 years old in Nalliers

03/31/22: Josette JOLIVET, born VIVIER, 93 years old in Petosse 04/15/22: Jeannine LIGONNIERE, born BILLAUD, 92 years old in

04/01/22: Gérard VINCENT, 85 years old in Petosse 04/20/22: Colette LIMOUZIN, born BARDIN, 90 years old in Nalliers

08/04/22: Denise REMAUD, born JARNY, 93 years old (L'Hermenault) 25/04/22: Rolande ROBIN, born COURJAUD, 91 years old in Petosse

in St Valérien 26/04/22: Georgette VEQUAUD, born BARRE, 100 years old in Nalliers

04/11/22: Korentin THIEFINE, 20 years old in Petosse

04/13/22: Jean NAULLEAU, 86 years old in Petosse