Thank you, sorry, please


In these weeks of transition before taking on a new mission, it's time to measure the path traveled for 10 years in your midst.

First of all, thank you to each and everyone. If I start quoting this or that, I risk forgetting some. It's obviously a lot of faces from all generations that come back to me. . What generosity experienced in multiple commitments but also in this little word that says the attention of everyday life. Faces of radiant humanity, servant but also wounded, in pain. Faces of incarnate faith that tell how the Gospel gradually becomes part of the paths of life. Thank you for your presence. However, I would like to thank Claire-Emanuelle Domingues, who is completing her 6 years in the service of the confirmation of young people in the deanery and the chaplaincy of public education. Beautiful but tough mission, especially during the confined months. At the time of writing these lines, we have not found anyone for the rest of the mission. It's frustrating. Let us pray to better discern who to call to the service of young people awaiting adults to help them grow in confidence. This Sunday at the end of the mass, we will be able to express our gratitude to him.

You are the beating heart of the community. What would our buildings be without this presence of a praying community? What would the flavor of the Good News be without fraternal people to give it a taste? The multiplicity of missions and probably a lack of organization on my part did not allow me to visit you as it would have been good to do, and fortunately Joseph Charbonnier and Jean-Claude Michaud are happy to make themselves available for this. with joy. However, I share an image with you: that of the procession for the veneration of the cross on Good Friday. Over the years, I could tell by seeing you go, I know, in part, the burden that is laid at the foot of the Crucified. Especially on this July 3, at the 10:30 a.m. mass at Notre Dame de Fontenay, it is in thanksgiving because of your living testimony that we will be able to celebrate the risen Christ in the presence of all of you.

Sorry for those I hurt; in 10 years, a certain number of you have suffered from my clumsiness, indecision, or apparently arbitrary decisions, dodges, lack of attention, hurtful words, without always realizing it. I know that going through the Covid pandemic has been a source of frustration, misunderstanding in particular. I therefore ask forgiveness to those who have been hurt by my words or my actions or what will have been perceived by a lack of consideration. And do not hesitate to let me know so that I can understand and recognize this which would have been hurtful. This can help to grow in evangelical brotherhood. If I received the mission of parish priest again, I would proceed differently, in a more synodal way. The pastoral project developed with the parish council and implemented between 2014 and 2019 could not be renewed and updated.

Please pray for the mission that opens up for me to serve the good of the diocese. This requires great availability and listening to others, to the Holy Spirit. This presupposes having an ever broader heart to recognize the work of God in diverse believers, varied paths of humanity. Some call it 'promotion'. This seems to me far too tinged with mundane logic. I have already been a bit close to what the mission of vicar general can be to know in advance that the mission is perilous and heavy. What we carry out as a team close to the bishop in the accompaniment of victims of sexual abuse and aggressors will have given a foretaste of the complexity of what awaits me. The priestly ministry of any kind is truly a service.

Thank you for the warm welcome you will give to your new pastor-dean, Carl Bassompierre. He is not unknown to a certain number and the South Vendée is partly familiar to him. You will read his presentation in the next bulletin. Note Sunday August 28 already. At the 10:30 a.m. mass at Notre Dame, Bishop Jacolin will come to install him in his new mission as parish priest of the new parish of Sainte Claire de Fontenay and as dean.

At the end of 10 years, with the beginning of new parishes, it is good that a new look is taken on this territory to imagine with you the daring paths of the mission.

Very brotherly.

Father Francois Bidaud.